LAS VEGAS (AP) — A Nevada man who recently confessed to killing three teenagers almost 25 decades ago has recanted his statement to authorities.

Willis Davis, 43, was charged with three counts of murder with a deadly weapon and one count of conspiracy to commit murder after police said he gave authorities an unprompted confession before this month to its 1996 killings.

Davis told that the vegas Review-Journal on Wednesday that his confession was false and he left it to investigators while large on PCP.

“I had been out of my head,” Davis said in a movie phone and call meeting by the Clark County Detention Center. “I truly don’t even recall what I mentioned. I am trying to recall what I told authorities ”

Davis had informed authorities he was a teenager member of this GPK gang when the three were shot dead in gang violence, according to his arrest record. It was uncertain why Willis confessed.

The two-page arrest report doesn’t state that Davis was diminished if he made the confession to authorities, the paper reported.

“All of confessions which were granted, at the time of this detective’s interview, were equally vetted and corroborated based from intimate understanding of the offense just a guilty person would understand,” he explained. “At this moment, there isn’t any additional info available to you personally. This is to help safeguard the integrity of this instance.”