Events of this last year have prompted many to seek out a new beginning or go for pastures new.

But few pastures are quite as suddenly fresh and distant as this however: getting the only judge about the Falkland Islands.

The article resembles that of a Crown court or county court judge in England and Wales and includes a salary of between #75,976 and 93,769, based on qualifications and experience. The bundle comprises 41 days paid annual leave and flights to you as well as some other recognised dependents, along with a relocation allowance.

The work advertising claims that’for people who have a sense of experience, it provides opportunities that are difficult to match anywhere else on earth’. The successful candidate may also profit from’great regional services, a diverse social calendar and a lack of traffic jams’.

It is not probably the preferred judge will probably be over-worked on islands where the people could fit into Wembley Stadium at least 20 times over. There’s also the exciting chance to look at the Penguin News, the Falklands’ newspaper.