“If elected, what I’ll do is I will collect a federal commission of bipartisan commission of scholars, constitutional scholars, Democrats, Republicans, liberal/conservative. And I shall — inquire to over 180 days return to me with recommendations concerning the way to reform the court system since it is getting out of whack,” Biden said in an excerpt in an interview using the CBS program”60 Minutes,” recorded earlier this week at Wilmington, Delaware.

“[I]t is not about court packaging. There is a range of different items that our constitutional scholars have debated and I had seemed to see what hints that commission could make,” Biden added.

When pressed on whether the commission research would centre only on the problem of packaging the courtroom, Biden pushed , arguing there are”a range of choices which… go beyond packaging.”

The solution is Biden’s clearest dedication so far how he’d tackle the Supreme Court as president while apparently punting conclusions on reforms to the system such as adding chairs to the seat as a few innovative Democrats have urged, six months in his government.

After deflecting recurrent questions about if he was against the thought, Biden stated in a city hall with ABC News last week at Philadelphia he was’not a lover’ of court packaging, but dedicated the American people might understand where he stood before Election Day.

Progressive Democrats were not pleased with Biden’s most up-to-date position, which came out just prior to the final presidential debate.

“We do not require a commission to tell us that Republicans are going to sneak their next Court chair in four decades, which the Court regularly sides with voter suppression tactics which make it tougher for Democrats to win elections.”

From the”60 Minutes” interview,” Biden said talks about the best way best to take care of the courtroom is very much a”live ball,” and cautioned he did not want to politicize the establishment from president to president.

“The final thing we have to do is turn the Supreme Court in to only a political football, whoever gets the most votes gets everything they need. Supreme Court justices remain for centuries”

The issue of Biden’s stance on the dilemma of court packaging has lingered in the aftermath of the Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s departure in September, when Senate Republicans said they’d proceed with the verification process for her successor, Judge Amy Coney Barrett — despite becoming blocked President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee at March 2015 earlier citing proximity to the election.

Biden has sought to maintain the focus on the bets of Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the court, especially in regards to healthcare, given her previous writings about the Affordable Care Act.

“In the center of the outbreak, why is it that Republicans have enough opportunity to hold a hearing about the supreme court rather than addressing the substantial financial needs of local communities? I will tell you , for actual, not hyperbole, I will tell you why. It is about stripping Obamacare off the novels. That is exactly what it’s all about, since their nominee has stated previously the law ought to be broken down,” Biden said in Durham, North Carolina, Sunday.