Justice SecretaryKeith BrownAccording to the Scottish Courts, it will take many years for them to clear their backlog of civil and criminal cases.

While visiting the new PS23 million, Mr Brown spoke.Inverness Justice CentreThe public health risk was the reason that the borough closed its doors for a brief time in March.

Brown praised staff at the centre and said, “It’s been tough, it was tough for everyone, And I think as much as they did their jobs in justice, they had to deal with people feeling the pressures from the pandemic.”

“I think what they did extremely well was to ensure that people feel at ease with respect to public safety and health.

“For instance, remote juries have reassured jurors that they are doing so in a safe environment.”

Scottish Courts ServiceChief executiveEric McQueenHe said, “There has always been a high level of collaboration.

“But, I believe if there is one positive thing about the pandemic it’s that people have tried to work together to find creative solutions. To maybe test barriers that would have been impossible in a world without the pandemic. We’ve actually moved at a real pace.”