Speaking on the eve of the Scottish Parliament vote, Bruce Adamson informed guests that the conference would place children’s voices and lived experiences in the core of decision making for the very first time.

The significance of the convention concerning instruction and ensuring that a human rights response to the SQA grade allocation procedures has been emphasized at Holyrood.

Mr Adamson said:”When it is passed, I am expecting very radical shift. Here is first time we’re likely to have a solid legal framework for actions on economic, cultural and social rights, together with children’s voices and experiences in the center of decision making, attached to financing decisions on matters such as education and health, standard of living, and support to households.

The framework that’s being supplied via this legislation will be a real challenge to those in power and it is going to need people to do things differently, that is what we have observed in different nations. It is going to require individuals to give up electricity, to provide up budgets, it is likely to demand system modification.

“It is not something to be scared of as it is a positive thing. It links back into the job you have been performing for the frequent good. It speaks to exactly what Scotland would like to be.”

The Law and the Common Good Friday night, that was held for the first time , was started after GCU procured financing from The Clark Foundation for Legal Education.