Loneliness is a common issue faced not only by the police but also by military lawyers. The nature of the military attorney lifestyle often intensifies feelings of isolation. As judge advocates general, these lawyers play a crucial role in providing legal advice to commanders. However, personal relationships or conflicts of interest can lead to recusals, affecting their relevance and judgment.

Building friendships within the military structure can be challenging, especially with frequent relocations every two years. Civilian communities surrounding military bases may also be hesitant to form relationships with military personnel due to the transient nature of their assignments. Overseas postings present additional challenges due to cultural barriers.

The loneliness experienced by military lawyers can have negative effects on their mental and physical health. Recognizing and acknowledging these feelings is the first step towards combating loneliness. Reaching out to trusted individuals, rebuilding relationships, and participating in group activities can help alleviate feelings of isolation.

Avoiding excessive use of social media and focusing on in-person interactions is essential for establishing meaningful connections. Supporting others and engaging in acts of kindness can also contribute to combating loneliness. Additionally, prioritizing mental, physical, social, and spiritual well-being can help individuals maintain a sense of purpose and connection.

It is crucial for the military community to address the issue of loneliness and provide support to those experiencing it. By normalizing conversations about loneliness and implementing coping mechanisms in training and education programs, the military can proactively address this common issue. Prioritizing the well-being of military personnel, including judge advocates general, is essential for maintaining a strong and resilient force.

Authors Maj. Kyle Carter and Capt. Nicole Bessette, who have served as JAGs in various roles internationally, highlight the importance of addressing loneliness in the military. Their insights shed light on the challenges faced by military lawyers and the significance of building meaningful relationships to combat feelings of isolation.