Health officials are ongoing to look into the source of deaths which might be associated with the winter disaster that paralyzed the nation in February.

Last month’s threatening winter storm along with enormous power blackouts killed over 100 individuals in Texas, say health officials said Thursday.

The revised death toll is nearly double a first count and may rise even more as data comes in, the Texas Department of State Health Services said.

Additional causes of death include carbon monoxide poisoning, automobile accidents, fires and medical gear failure, the division stated.

Over 4 million individuals in Texas lost electricity as production facilities froze and need for power overwhelmed the system. Folks were without heating for days. Freezing temperatures induced pipes and water heaters to burst, and countless were advised to boil water when they had access to heating or running water.

The National Weather Service states that harms from the winter could transcend that by Hurricane Harvey from 2017 and might be the most expensive weather crisis in state history.

Houston officials estimate that the city had 50,000 houses and 400 apartment complexes with burst pipes, based on Mayor Sylvester Turner.

The deaths believed storm-related started Feb. 11, the day six individuals were murdered in a 130-vehicle pileup at Fort Worth.

Before this month, the section tied 57 deaths into the weather catastrophe. Sometimes, medical staff report weather-related causes of flag or death instances, and others, division epidemiologists utilize reports of deaths and fit people to death certificates,” it stated.

The power blackout in Texas has been known as among the worst in the country’s history.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which oversees the nation’s power grid, was sharply criticized.

ERCOT officials also have stated that the decision to shut off electricity throughout winter prevented a bigger, uncontrolled blackout that could have taken weeks to recuperate from.