DWF would be to move to smaller premises in Glasgow to signify the functioning pattern which has emerged over the course of the pandemic, The Lawyer reports.

The group will proceed from 110 Queen Street into the eighth floor of The Sentinel, which has been remodeled, but will briefly be located in 9 George Square before the new office has been fitted out.

The company said it expects the staff to be at the office between three and two days weekly.

Mr Pignatelli explained:”The DWF executive and Glasgow partners discussed our workplace needs and working habits have shifted as well as the methods by which this impacts our customers’ and our future working demands.

“Together with our coworkers indicating they wanted to divide their working week by spending two to three days each week from a workplace, we made a decision to proceed to a hybrid-working version and relocate our workplace to The Sentinel.

“Consequently we’ve managed to decrease our square foot area by half and start designing our new workplace environment that caters to get a new method of working. It’s a truly exciting chance to move to a more recent, fitter-for goal environment embracing a number of the more recent customs which have been formed within the previous twelve months”