A former DPC employee allegedly told ICCL that utilizing Lotus Notes to perform and manage complex GDPR complaints investigations and handling will be”like trying to run on your strategy having the abacus”.

The DPC has spent $615,121 on its important internal ICT job, which it initially expected would be completed with the debut of GDPR in May 2018. It expects to invest an additional $450,000 on the job in 2021.

Dr Johnny Ryan, an ICCL Senior Fellow, stated:”The GDPR provides Ireland a central part in protecting information rights across the total European Union, tracking the way Google, Facebook, and many others utilize our information. However, the DPC isn’t configured for its electronic assignment.

“What we’ve found suggests it cannot run badly significant internal engineering jobs. How is it expected to track exactly what the planet’s biggest tech companies do with our information?

“This raises serious concerns not just for the DPC, but also for the Irish authorities. We’ve alarmed the Irish authorities of this strategic financial threat from failing to apply the GDPR.”