Letters will be sent to tens of thousands of EU citizens living in the UK.Home OfficeThey were warned that they might lose their right of healthcare and employment if the settled status is not applied for immediately.

The deadline to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme is next Wednesday, 30 June. However, those who receive letters will be informed that they have up 28 days to submit their applications before being subject to enforcement action.

Minister for ImmigrationKevin FosterDespite a flood of late applications, the judge rejected requests to extend the deadline.The GuardianReports

He stated: “Put it simply, extending deadlines is not the solution for reaching those who have not yet applied. We would just be in position further down where we would be asked again to extend, creating more uncertainty.”

So far, the Home Office has received 5.6 millions applications for settled status. Around 400,000 applications are still being processed.

Due to the large backlog, applicants will be issued a “certificate to apply” that Mr Foster stated they can “rely on” to access their rights to work or rent and the NHS.