TheFaculty of AdvocatesNine intrants were awarded scholarships to help them with their finances when devilling begins next year.

Ruth Crawford QCThe Faculty’s treasurer, who is also the chair of the Faculty’s Scholarship Committee said that “The Faculty is thrilled to be able to facilitate financial support during devilling.” We are looking forward to welcoming all the scholars and their fellow inmates when they start their devilling in Oct.

There are four scholarships: the Lord Reid Scholarship and the Faculty Scholarship. The Faculty of Advocates provides the Lord Hope Scholarships. This year, the SCLR has introduced the Scottish Council of Law Reporting Scholarship. The Faculty administers and supports the SCLR award. We look forward to working with the SCLR in order to increase accessibility to the bar.

In memory of the late Lord Reid, the Lord Reid Scholarship was awardedLord Reid of DremThe Faculty was bequeathed by the late Lord Reid, who intended that the funds would be used to support educational scholarships. The One Lord Reid Scholarship is awarded each year to an outstanding applicant.

The Lord Hope, Faculty and SCLR Scholarships are designed to improve accessibility to the bar. The award is awarded to applicants who have demonstrated sufficient ability. However, financial need and those from under-represented groups at the Scottish bar are given greater weight.

After taking into account the quality and quantity of applicants, as well as the available funds in any given year, the Faculty of Advocates’ Scholarship committee decides the amount and the number of scholarships that will be awarded. All applicants were granted a scholarship this year. These nine scholarship recipients are part a group that includes 28 intrants, who will begin their devilling next spring.

Some of the past scholarship recipients areCat MacQueenAfter completing her devilling, Judith was called to the bar.

Ms. MacQueen stated that she began devilling soon after finishing her traineeship. This meant that I didn’t have the chance to save money before coming to the bar. I have been able to devilling since the scholarship was a huge help in my financial well-being.

“I believe that scholarships provide vital support for those who might otherwise have financial difficulties in undertaking the nine months unpaid devilling required to become advocates.”

Sarah TrainerShe was also called to bar last month in June. She explained that she was a solicitor and worked in a small, court-based law firm. I did mainly legal aid work. My income was not as high as that of larger commercial firms. While I was able save a bit each month to prepare for devilling, it was not enough to save a lot.