A senior detective told a note that a fraud probe to Rangers FC was based on the customs of a BBC documentary, a court has heard.

Philip Duffy, 54, a special adviser at Duff & Phelps, whose solutions had been used if the Ibrox club dropped into government, said he was giving a comment statement once the remark was created by Detective Chief Inspector Jim Robertson, The Times reports.

Mr Duffy was giving evidence on the third afternoon of this #7 million reimbursement claims against police and prosecutors caused by David Grier, a business advisor who had been detained at 2014 but was later acquitted of all charges.

Mr Grier resisted the BBC on its documentary The Men Who Sold the Jerseys, which it stated revealed”that the scandal that attracted Rangers FC to its knees”.

Mr Duffy’s witness statement stated:”In the conclusion, I recall [Robertson] commented the entire foundation for him arresting… that the Duff & Phelps individuals was predicated upon the Panorama programme.

“I thought that was odd behavior. I thought it was odd that a criminal arrest ought to proceed on the grounds of a tv program, particularly Panorama that has some background in reporting issues wrongly or sensationally.”

Mr Grier was one of several men detained during the investigation to Rangers and its selling to Craig Whyte.