Alzheimer Scotland provides assistance for people living with dementia and also the ECHC supports kids and their families in many different health care settings.

The company has an active and established CSR committee including representatives from all four of Gillespie Macandrew’s offices.

In addition to financial aid, employees are given a day off every year to share in charitable activities and as a consequence of this devotion to the nominated charities, the Business has given a total of over #130,000 in the previous five decades.

Chief executive officer Robert Graham Campbell stated:”We’ve got a very long and proud history of supporting charitable causes, while it’s involvement though volunteering, supplying financing and pro-bono legal counsel or partnering to host coaching opportunities. We look forward to working together with both brand new charity partners to encourage the valuable and excellent work they perform.”

Stakeholder involvement lead from Alzheimer’s Scotland, Caroline Miller stated:”The unbelievable devotion from Gillespie Macandrew can help us supply a variety of person-centred support for individuals living with dementia and their families, who’ve been devastated by the outbreak. Money raised will go towards our exciting endeavor to construct the UK’s first Virtual Dementia Resource Centre therefore that we could provide support wherever you are and what time of the day it is.”

ECHC’s fundraiser Amy Ford added:”Gillespie Macandrew’s service during the next 3 years means we are able to keep on changing the adventures of each child and young man in hospital and healthcare during the length of the pandemic and beyond. When the brand new Royal Hospital for Children and Young People opens Tuesday 23 March, ECHC will be present to support children, young people and families in several ways and we just couldn’t do so without the kindness and generosity from our charity partners such as Gillespie Macandrew.”