The San Francisco-based franchise would be the hottest professional basketball staff to get vaccines.

Golden State Warriors players scored Covid-19 vaccinations over three weeks before California giving shots into the overall populace, the team said Thursday.

An undisclosed number of coaches and players have received their vaccinations, but Warriors Senior Vice President Raymond Ridder declined to disclose additional information.

“The coaches and players that received the vaccine were entitled under the latest country and CDC guidelines,” Ridder said in a statement to NBC News.

The San Francisco-based franchise would be the hottest professional basketball staff to get vaccines, even as shots stay in short supply for a large number of Americans no matter a specific age or suffering from an inherent health challenge.

“There are loads of people in California, that have chronic illness, who have disabilities, who have barriers to vaccination, that are still waiting to get vaccinated,” stated Nancy Berlinger, a bioethicist at the Hastings Center, a research institute in Garrison, New York.

“Since it has occurred, because the group stated this occurred, they need to be clear about how they obtained access.”

Without a larger explanation, the general public may be left to question just how much power and money performed in opening doorways to vaccines, based on Berlinger and many others.

“If you are an athlete and the next thing we all know you are vaccinated and also you and your staff and your owner don’t have anything to say, this undercuts trust in the machine,” said Arthur Caplan, founding head of the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU School of Medicine.

Now in California, the majority of these vaccinated are 65 and older.

Californians 16 and older are now qualify for vaccines until April 15.

For Californians not meeting these benchmarks, eligibility continues to be restricted to those functioning in various high-risk tasks, working or living in high-density configurations or individuals suffering from several ailments or health problems.

Those ailments include cancer, Down syndrome, pregnancy, kidney and cardiovascular disease, diabetes and Type 2 diabetes.

Ridder said he couldn’t talk about what conditions qualified some of the Warriors:”To elaborate would be a breach of privacy/HIPAA rules”

The Los Angeles Lakers are also reportedly in line to get vaccinations, though L.A. County’s top health stated:”Those dosages aren’t coming from L.A. County dosages since we do not understand anything about it.”