Durham, appointed as Special Counsel from then-Attorney General Bill Barrfourteen days prior to Election Day, will continue his analysis of the roots of their Russia probe.

“My career was as satisfying as I could have imagined when I graduated from law school way back in 1975. A lot of this satisfaction has come from all of the people with whom I have been blessed to discuss this office, and in our partner law enforcement agencies,” Durham stated in a statement on Friday. “My respect and love with this Office and the incredibly important work done here haven’t diminished. It’s been a tremendous honor to serve as U.S. Attorney, and as a profession prosecutor before this, and I shall sorely miss it”

In the Associated Pressat 2004:

Boyle has also helped research and prosecute law enforcement officers that had tainted relationships with criminal statistics from Boston, such as former FBI agent John J. Connolly Jr..

Boyle, who didn’t attend, along with the others received the Attorney General’s Award for Exceptional Service.

Many Donald Trump-appointed U.S. Lawyers have been asked to resign later Joe Biden became POTUS. Contrary to Durham, U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware David C. Weiss has been asked to resign–awarded the national investigation of their president’s son Hunter Biden.

During confirmation hearings, lawmakers repeatedly requested Merrick Garland, Biden’s nominee for attorney general, about if he’d permit the Durham evaluation to continue.

“I really don’t have any motive, from what I understand today –that is actually very small –to make any decision on such earth,” Garland replied earlier this past week. “However, I don’t have any reason to believe that he shouldn’t stay in place”

“I know he was allowed to stay in his place, and sitting here now I don’t have any reason to believe that was not the proper choice,” Garland additionally stated.

When asked if he’d commit to creating a Durham Report general public, as was done using the Mueller Report,” Garland said he’d”need to converse with Durham and comprehend the character of what he has been doing and the essence of his report”

The Durham probe has so far led to 1 certainty and no jail time.