Aberdeen businessmanJoseph BowieHas been named chief operating officerEsson & AberdeinThe legal start-up, launching earlier in the year byJoni EssonAndRob Aberdein.

His mentor, Mr. Aberdein Considine has been a 10 year veteran of asset and debt recovery.

Mr. Aberdein worked with Mr. Bowie 10 years ago, when he established the lender services division at Aberdein Considine. He said that they had been working closely for over six years and that having Joe back in the team is fantastic.

“I am certain he will be just as passionate about improving the legal services in Aberdeen as Joni is.”

Ms. Esson, Esson & Aberdein’s managing director, said: “Joe has a long history in Aberdeen’s legal community and he is an outstanding professional with a sharp business mind. We are confident that our team is moving forward quickly because of his appointment.

“His talent, ideas and energy will turbo-charge our work and help us achieve our clear ambition to provide better legal services for the people of Aberdeen.”

While its main focus currently is on conveyancing, estate agency, wills, executries and family law, Esson & Aberdein – which was launched earlier this year – is aiming for growth across litigation, debt and asset recovery, commercial property and a full range of legal, property and financial services.

Moray Group is the umbrella brand that Mr Aberdein launched in 2020 to support multiple professional service firms. The financial goal of the group is to achieve a turnover of PS10 millions by 2022.

Mr Bowie stated: “I fully buy into the values and strategy Joni and Rob set out – especially making meaningful contributions in the community. I believe that they will help the company grow very quickly as clients also purchase in to a better type of law firm.

“Our immediate focus will be on growth in Aberdeen. However, as we develop more services, we will also look across the UK and Scotland. We want to provide legal solutions that are universally applicable across the UK.