The lord chancellor accepted an expansion to Green’s tenure as chair of this body that retains the legislation under inspection for 1 year from 1 August.

Green advised that the Gazette that he came to the project at 2018’almost blind. I’d no transition. [It took me around ] four or five weeks to get to know the organization and characters.’ Green says he’s decided to have a successor in great time who will gain from a suitable transition.

It’s identified possible projects that may have merit, including contempt of court, house purchasing, legal defense for the environment, and product liability and emerging technologies.

The commission was decided to not be attracted to Brexit-related law reform prior to the UK left the EU. Now it has occurred, the commission suggests studying the statute book and the way specific regions of law could be modernised and simplified.

‘We will begin speaking to various government departments to check whether there is a desire for them to enter our programme. I guess we are searching to get 14 or 15 jobs. We won’t take on a job unless the government approves it’

Asked about odd suggestions which were submitted to the commission, Green remembers a part of the people being eager for the group to check at museums, and problems like possession of artefacts. Museum collections is just one of six projects from the 13th programme which wasn’t started but will roll into the 14th programme.

Additional carry-over projects comprise Administrative Review, a’somewhat strange’ one, ” says Green, since it may not lead to suggesting new laws. The project would examine the government’s internal decision-making procedure, with a view to boosting proper conclusions, cheaper correction mechanics and public assurance.

The commission did a preliminary work, talking to academics, professionals and collecting case studies, such as one between a young mother who had been denied housing advantage and ended up homeless. ‘Had it not been for Covid we’d have been beginning this [job ] 12/15 months past,’ Green said. His group would have to sit down with officials in Whitehall and determine how their systems function.

The commission received almost 1,400 responses to its consultation about what to add from the 13th programme. Green calls for a milder postbag this time around. The consultation to the 14th programme closes 31 July.