Levy & McRaeThe appointment of a clinical negligence specialist has been announcedElizabeth RoseAs a senior associate

Ms Rose is a respected expert in the field of medical and clinical negligence cases.

ChairmanBill MacreathElizabeth said, “We are happy to welcome Elizabeth into our firm. Her experience and skills are complementary to our extensive litigation practice.

Senior partnerDavid McKieElizabeth added, “We were impressed by Elizabeth’s passion and determination to fight for her clients and secure justice for them.” She fits right in with our ethos, we are certain.”

Ms Rose commented on her appointment and said that she was delighted to be joining Levy & McRae Solicitors. It is one of the most dynamic and respected law firms in Scotland.

“I feel privileged that I am working with some of the most skilled litigators in our profession and look forward to the opportunity to work with them.”