The Scottish Liberal Democrats have stated they’ll utilize this Thursday’s oversight argument to provide Parliament the opportunity to activate reform of this fatal accident inquiry system.

The celebration will even use the argument to emphasise the requirement to divide the use of the Lord Advocate and finish the conflict of interest between governmental responsibilities and the duty to independently withhold.

Justice spokesperson Liam McArthur has stated:”The present set-up from the Crown Office is not working. There has to be a complete and honest conversation about its own reform.

“The fatal accident inquiry process is grotesquely intricate. It’s utterly incapable of providing timely justice. We are in need of change so that people affected by catastrophe get swifter closing, and lessons have been learned.

“The machine is in dire need of reform. Scottish Liberal Democrat study found evidence of a massive backlog, with households waiting up to a decade to find responses.

“it is hard to imagine the frustration and pain which loved ones need to feel when such catastrophe is accompanied by stagnant and quiet investigations. However, these flaws also pose a threat to public security. Without learning courses, tragedies may be repeated.

“There is no longer time for tinkering around the edges with this. We are in need of a commitment to a basic overhaul.