Robert Buckland QC MP maintaining a journal of his time in government? Appearing before the Lords constitution committee , the lord chancellor was asked if he keeps an’oath book’ recording the times he is needed to intervene to defend the judiciary or make observations about the necessity to adhere to the principle of law.

‘On the 20-year rule, it would be rather useful for historians to be aware of when you had to intervene, but also to reveal that you did fight the good fight,’ said Lord Hennessy of Nympsfield. ‘Indeed I understand you fight the good fight. But if you don’t maintain a lord chancellor’s black book, would you possibly start?’

Buckland responded:’I will say this to the committee, I’ve the means by which I maintain my memory assisted. So without going to it in fuzzy detail… First of all, I think that the tweets I have issued are there around the public record already. A mere trawl back during the past couple of months will see them.