Lord Turnbull, husband of Dorothy Bain QC, will stand apart from offender hearings upon her appointment as Lord Advocate.

Russell Findlay, the Scottish Conservative community security spokesman, had questioned whether it would be suitable for Lord Turnbull to behave a criminal judge when his spouse becomes head of the prosecution service.

“The SNP government, Crown and judiciary may cite that the’judicial oath’ as a shield against dinner table chat from affecting instances which can greatly impact on people’s lives,” he explained. “But even a perception of conflict risks undermining public confidence in the judiciary and Crown.”

In response, the SNP’s Rona Mackay informed Mr Findlay and”his group of Tory conspiracy theorists” that”Dorothy Bain QC has an exemplary legal reputation. I have all faith she will be an exemplary lord advocate who will perform the role without favour or fear — just like her male predecessor, James Wolffe”.

Lady Wolffe, the spouse of James Wolffe QC, similarly stepped aside from criminal cases and those connected with the Scottish government upon his appointment as Lord Advocate.