Mike Lindell is facing some legal troubles without his lawyers by his side. After losing his last lawyer in the ongoing litigation regarding the $5 million award from his “Prove Mike Wrong” challenge, Lindell found himself in a tough spot. His previous lawyer, Andrew Parker, backed out of representing him in March, leaving Lindell without legal representation.

In a surprising turn of events, Thomas Miller, a bankruptcy lawyer from Wayzata, Minnesota, stepped in to challenge an arbitration ruling that ordered Lindell to pay $5 million to software engineer Robert Zeidman. Zeidman had accepted Lindell’s challenge but was not compensated when Lindell refused to pay up. The case ended up in front of Judge John Tunheim, who upheld the arbitrators’ decision, citing the Federal Arbitration Act.

Despite Lindell’s attempts to appeal the decision on the grounds that the arbitrators considered extrinsic evidence, his arguments were dismissed by Zeidman’s lawyers. They pointed out that arbitration is not bound by the same rules as a trial and that Lindell’s contract clearly stated the informal nature of the process.

Things took a turn for the worse for Lindell when his new lawyer, Thomas Miller, also withdrew from representing him in court. This left Lindell Management, LLC, the defendant in the case, without legal representation. However, Douglas Wardlow, a former Minnesota House Member, stepped in to accept service on behalf of Lindell.

The legal battle continues for Lindell as he tries to navigate the complexities of the court system without the support of his lawyers. Despite his efforts to challenge the arbitration ruling, it seems that Lindell may face an uphill battle in proving his case without legal counsel by his side. The outcome of this legal saga remains to be seen as Lindell finds himself embroiled in a legal quagmire without a clear path forward.