Justice Minister Helen McEntee yesterday procured cabinet approval for the constitution of a non-statutory advisory committee to think about the suitability of applicants and make recommendations .

The committee will include a senior associate of the judiciary, the Attorney General along with also a set member and will set its own procedures for encouraging and analyzing expressions of interest from candidates, including judges.

The process is similar to the ones used to appoint the Chief Justice at 2017, the president of this Court of Appeal at 2018, the presidents of this Circuit Court along with also the District Court at 2019, the president of this High Court at 2020 and the president of the District Court at 2021.

It might be the final time that this procedure is utilized, since the government’s suggested Judicial Appointments Commission will gradually accept responsibility for appointments to senior positions similar to this.

The overall plot of this Judicial Appointments Commission Bill was printed in December along with the invoice itself is”now being hailed”, the Department of Justice explained.