JURIST EXCLUSIVE — Our law student correspondents in Myanmar continue to deliver reports of the newest developments on the earth, together with their viewpoints and evaluation of the legal problems posed by the February 1 army coup. These are excerpts from the first comprehensive record to JURIST obtained late last night following the Myanmar army’s net blackout was lifted Monday morning Myanmar period:

5 colleagues were detained there last night but they are published this morning, only now.

Can they release them today?? Or will they create another offenses to maintain them like before?

Yesterday evening, when net was cut away and power was also cut in certain towns, the MAI airway aircraft flew back and forth in Yangon to China 6 days. We do not understand exactly what exactly are they covertly planning.

All personal banks shut beginning from now. We figure out how to supply lands to CDM staffs should they feel dangerous to keep in their authorities flats or they’re advised to leave the occupants immediately for engaging in CDM. The army’s effort to use undue pressure from the staffs to arrest them in office makes CDM more powerful. In accordance with their own recently amended Privacy (Law), they requested us to use the lists of individuals living in every household. They are attempting to stop people from providing a refuge to people in need. Entirely using the township administrators, we all refuse to comply that and won’t submit anything they request.

This afternoon, many police/Military automobiles came to the chemical of authorities staffs residents in Nay Pyi Taw [the Myanmar funding ]. One of over 400 individuals (staffs as well as their loved ones ) because chemical, 70 of these are greater management level painters and necessary to conduct the government offices. All locality comes out and demonstration so all Army forces left the chemical.

All protesting is happening as normal before the embassy, the police station to publish the CDM Builders and civilians they’ve detained. We beg the conclusion of all of these worries of being stored in the dark.

In normal circumstances, are not we supposed to request help from soldiers and police to protect us? However, in Myanmar, guys, girls and young kids have to shield ourselves and we could do nothing but knock baskets whenever police/soldiers are at our doorstep. As it becomes dark and cut off, we are all deaf and blind. Without guns, we are at our weakest point.