An independent expert group suggested that a series of changes in UK immigration rules could help support migrants from Scotland.

The Expert Advisory Group on Migration and Population (EAG) has made 10 recommendations to support and encourage families to move to Scotland.

EAG recommends bespoke programs to allow families to migrate to rural and remote areas. These include removing the minimum income requirement for immigrants to aid family reunions and providing more support to families in finding suitable work.

The report states that migrant families are often separated for long periods, have difficulty navigating school and childcare systems, and need help in building support and friendships within their communities.

Angus Robertson, External Affairs Secretary, said that he appreciated the report’s insightful and helpful recommendations. These actions should be taken at the UK, Scotland, and local authority levels. We will continue to look for these as we develop our Migration Service for Scotland.

“Families play an important role in migration. We need to consider the welfare of all migrants. It is evident that migrants’ lives in new homes are affected by the presence of their partners, children, and parents.

“The population strategy of the Scottish government aims to increase net migration from Scotland and encourage settlement, particularly in areas that are facing depopulation. This goal is more urgent than ever given the continuing decline in migration to Scotland via EU countries after Brexit and the end to free movement.

“While we would like to work with the UK government and local authorities in the near term, it is obvious that Scotland requires its own unique, tailored, and effective immigration system.