Applications are invited for a new fund of PS6.7 million that will support legal aid companies.

TheLegal Aid Business Support and Recovery FundThis document was created after consultation with the legal profession. It will be distributed to legal aid practitioners.

Minister for Legal AffairsAsh DenhamHe said, “Scotland’s legal profession worked extremely hard since Covid-19 to help maintain access justice services in very challenging and difficult circumstances. This fund will ensure that these vital services continue to be supported as we move on to the next stage of Scotland’s recovery.

“I am very grateful for the constructive and collaborative approach that the Law Society of Scotland, Scottish Solicitors Bar Association, and representatives of various Bar Associations took in developing this Fund. I thank them for this engagement.”

Pat ThomCo-convener for theLaw Society of Scotland’s Legal Aid CommitteeAccording to a statement, “This new fund is a welcome affirmation that the Scottish Government is committed in supporting legal aid solicitors who were adversely affected due to the pandemic. It also promises that all the PS9 million fund, established under the previous Justice Secretary would be distributed. It will ensure that solicitors are able to continue providing essential services in Scotland’s communities.

“The new fund was created following constructive discussions with government officials, along with our colleagues from the Scottish Solicitors Bar Association (and local bar associations) who made substantial contributions to ensure this financial support could be made possible. All those who are eligible should apply as soon possible.

Stuart MurrayThe?,Aberdeen Bar Association“The Aberdeen Bar Association is thankful to the Scottish government for reaching to the SSBA, local bar associations in this first real collaborative approach to resolving a few funding issues for our profession. This approach is expected to set the stage for future collaboration with the profession in order to protect and support access to justice for all.

Mark O’HanlonTheSociety of Solicitors of Hamilton and District, stated: “We were pleased to be involved in the early stages of developing a simplified revised funds. The payments will begin at the end of this month, which will please members. It is important to maintain a constructive dialogue from the beginning with the SSBA and Bar Associations as this will help us deliver a better justice system in the future.