In a statement of a strategy to solve the criminal case backlog, the SCTS stated weekend courts made no portion of these programs.

The Criminal Justice Board is creating proposals to”recuperate, renew and alter” Scotland’s justice system in the aftermath of the disturbance brought on by the pandemic.

There’s presently a substantial backlog of criminal cases and also together with the continuing physical distancing limitations, cases are taking longer to come to trial along with the amount of people held on remand has improved.

The restoration element of this programme is backed by 50 million cross-justice financing announced from the Scottish authorities in its latest budget.

As a first measure, the SCTS has announced plans to initiate a courtroom retrieval programme from September 2021, which will include the growth of distant jury centers and a daily growth of:

Four added High Courts
Two extra Sheriff Solemn Courts
As much as 10 Sheriff Summary Courts
Eric McQueen, SCTS chief executive, stated:”The restoration suggestions were recently discussed in a roundtable meeting between the Criminal Justice Board, the legal profession, the third largest industry and also members of the Scottish Parliament Justice Committee, who attracted collective insight to the challenges faced from the justice system also appointed the progress made so far in responding to Covid-19.

“Collaboration across the entire justice system has returned the High Court and Sheriff Court jury trials to pre-Covid capability, which can be an amazing achievement.

“As lockdown limitations facilitate, our attention is focussed on returning summary criminal company to pre-Covid amounts and handling the backlogs across all courts that affects on complainers, witnesses and the accused.

“This funding announcement is a significant first step and we’re moving fast to prepare for further courts, with the intent of beginning the recovery programme at September 2021. At all times security for everybody in our own courts and distant jury centers will remain our top priority along with the speed of the restoration programme has to be adapting to continuing advancement on vaccination and Covid transmission prices.”