TheQueenDocuments show that lawyers lobbying Scottish ministers for a bill to exempt her private land in an initiative to reduce carbon emissions.

This exemption means that only the Queen of Scotland is exempted from the obligation to permit the construction and operation of heat-generating pipelines.

The dispensation was obtained by her lawyers five months ago through Queen’s consent. This allows the monarch to see legislation in advance.

These documents were discovered through a Freedom of Information request byLily HumphreysA researcher for theScottish Liberal Democrats.

Also, the documents indicate thatSNPWhen Holyrood was asking why the Queen was lobbying for a green energy exemption, the government did not disclose her activities.

Buckingham Palace spokesperson stated that the royal household could be consulted about bills to ensure technical accuracy and consistency in the application of the bill. This complex legal principle is governed by common and statute law. This does not alter the nature of such bills.

A spokesperson for the Scottish government stated that: “The Scottish government policy is for the crown to be subjected to the same regulatory requirements as everyone else, except where there is a legitimate basis for an exemption or variation.

“However, crown consent must be obtained if a bill affects the private property or interests the sovereign. This is exactly what happened in this instance.”