IPWatchdog Unleashed is a new podcast that delves into the world of intellectual property, discussing law, news, policy, and politics related to innovation, technology, and creativity. The host, Gene Quinn, a renowned patent attorney and founder of, leads the conversations with industry experts and thought leaders from around the globe.

In this week’s episode, the focus is on the Unified Patent Court (UPC) in Europe, which has recently marked its first anniversary. After years of anticipation, the UPC is now operational, offering patent owners a more cost-effective and efficient way to obtain a single patent across many European Union countries. The court has shown a willingness to grant preliminary and permanent injunctive relief to address infringement issues.

Joining Gene Quinn for this discussion is Tobias Wuttke, a partner at Bardehle Pagenberg and an experienced patent litigator. Wuttke emphasizes the significance of the UPC in global patent litigation, highlighting its reach across 17 EU states and the availability of injunctions, including preliminary ones. He points out that the UPC is gaining momentum with a growing number of infringement actions each month, covering various sectors beyond high-tech.

For U.S. patent owners and innovators, the UPC should not be overlooked, as it provides a valuable platform for protecting intellectual property rights. Wuttke addresses the potential for an automatic injunction system within the UPC, with some exceptions for specific scenarios like pharmaceutical cases that require a transition period for patients in need of certain drugs.

The conversation between Gene Quinn and Tobias Wuttke sheds light on the importance of understanding and engaging with the UPC for anyone involved in patent-related matters. With the UPC gaining traction and handling diverse cases from different industries, it presents a unique opportunity for patent holders to secure their rights effectively.

As the podcast continues to explore various aspects of intellectual property, listeners can expect to gain insights from experts like Wuttke on emerging trends, legal considerations, and best practices in the field of patents. Stay tuned for more engaging discussions and valuable information on IPWatchdog Unleashed.

Overall, the discussion highlights the transformative impact of the UPC on the landscape of patent litigation in Europe and its relevance to a global audience seeking efficient and reliable mechanisms for protecting intellectual property rights. With the UPC’s continued growth and involvement in a wide range of cases, its role in shaping the future of patent law remains significant and worthy of attention from stakeholders worldwide.