Nowadays printing and shooting hours to sift through heaps of paper to make a case package is not the smartest approach to do the job. It requires time, hard work and strikes your profit margin, together with the ecological effect.

Courts are moving towards E-bundles for a while. Among the persistent assumptions on earth of legal technology is that the industry is tech reluctant, or risk-averse and do not wish to try out something that will alter their business model.

The actual reason that E-bundling hasn’t been fully adopted by the sector is since lots of electronic products out there do not work in fact. They’re awkward, non-compliant and do not mirror the manner paper courtroom packs are made. Our expertise is that attorneys and judges are extremely prepared to embrace technologies, particularly today, so long as it may fulfill their requirements…and get it done nicely.

CaseLoad’s integration using Bundledocs lets you hasten the procedure. Meaning you can be more effective, without the printing, providing you with more time and higher information protection.