The UK has enforced its original asset freezes and travel bans below a new sanctions regime aimed at individuals and entities suspected of corruption and bribery abroad, writes Tom Stocker.

The first collection of those targeted at the 2021 International Anti-Corruption Sanctions Regulations comprises 22 people involved in serious corruption cases in Russia, South Africa, South Sudan and Latin America. The steps are being taken partially in tandem with the US, which has declared further sanctions on a few of the from the listing.

British companies need to take into account the chance of their overseas customers and business partners being warranted under the new regime as part of the due diligence checks.

“Know Your Client Know Your Business Partner” checks will have to factor in the threat that people and businesses accused of previous corrupt actions may Wind up on the United Kingdom sanctions listing

The newest Anti-Corruption Sanctions Regulations pose an extra compliance challenge. Presently, 22 people are recorded, however, the list will enlarge and once somebody is listed the companies they own or control are also captured.

People and entities registered under the program are contained on the consolidated UK sanctions list. They’re prevented from entering the UK, from launching UK bank account and doing business with UK companies, and some other resources they hold in the united kingdom are suspended.

Those designated under regulations have the right to ask a Minister reviews the conclusion, and may also use to challenge their designation from the courts.

This is the next pair of autonomous UK sanctions to be released because the UK left the EU, after the entry into force of this worldwide human rights sanctions regime in July 2020. Ever since that time, the UK has enforced sanctions on 78 people and entities engaged in serious human rights violations across the world.

The united kingdom government has released a policy notice to follow the regulations, which sets the legal standards for designations under the new regime.

The newly-sanctioned people include those involved with the recreation of $230 million of Russian country property via a fraudulent tax refund scheme found by Sergei Magnitsky, who afterwards died in police custody; the Gupta brothers, Ajay, Atul and Rajesh Gupta and their partner Salim Essa, accused of severe corruption in South Africa; Ashraf Seed Ahmed Hussein Ali, the Sudanese businessman called”Al Cardinal”; along with many individuals involved in severe corruption in Latin America.