Ms Stewart joins Brodies as a senior partner and will be located in Aberdeen. With over 14 years’ experience, she participates in preparation problems for the housebuilding business.

Ms Richardson unites the Glasgow staff as a member, bringing expertise working with customers in the general public and private businesses, particularly on power and infrastructure projects.

Mr Sismey-Durrant, located in Edinburgh, is English-qualified and provides expertise from the preparation and environmental aspects of energy jobs, social housing, polluted land and mixed-use progress.

Neil Collar, intending law spouse at Brodies, stated:”Planning consent is essential to delivery of real estate endeavors. Increasingly we’re seeing more directions in housebuilding, and vitality, where subsidy-free jobs are on the upswing, in addition to city center projects like Build To Rent and pupil accommodation.

“The appointment of Sarah, Kendra and George will add strength to our own solutions, which means that we may continue to encourage current and prospective clients in taking projects forward, and addressing some challenges that they confront.”