TheGovernment of the UKIf Holyrood supports the move, we will support a law change to split the role of Lord AdvocateThe TimesReports

The Scotland Act outlines the Lord Advocate’s responsibilities.

Alba PartyMPKenny MacAskillLast week, Prime MinisterBoris JohnsonIf he would be open to changing the law, Answer fromAlister JackThe Scotland Secretary stated that while the UK government is empowered to make the change, we want to see that the Scottish government has submitted their proposals to scrutiny by the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish government would then have to represent the UK government.

First MinisterNicola SturgeonLast week, the Lord Advocate stated that there was a strong case for the separation.

The spokespersonScottish governmentWe will publish a consultation about the dual functions of law officers in due time. It is essential that both the criminal prosecution system and the investigation into deaths continue to enjoy the full trust of the public.

“The first minister also made it clear that this was an important constitutional matter and that it is crucial to take the necessary time to consult.”