The UK is expected to leave the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a move that will have implications for data transfers between the UK, EU and post-Brexit.

Oliver Dowden, Digital SecretaryYesterday, we announced our plans to “[reform] [our] own data laws so they’re based upon common sense and not box-ticking”.

According to the government, it intends to establish data adequacy partnerships in the US, Australia and South Korea.

It will also pursue future data partnerships with India and Brazil, Kenya, Kenya, and Indonesia. This partnership, it believes, will allow for trade to increase by as much as PS11 billion, as data barriers fall.

Privacy law experts warn that any deviation from the GDPR could lead to data transfers between the UK and the EU. The EU Commission would have to approve the UK’s new data privacy regime.

Mr Dowden stated that: “Now that the EU has been dissolved, I am determined to seize this opportunity and develop a data policy that is world-leading that will bring a Brexit dividend to individuals and businesses throughout the UK.

“This means that we are looking for exciting international data partnerships with some the fastest-growing economies in the world, to the benefit of British companies and British customers.”

Yesterday, New Zealand’s Privacy Commissioner was inauguratedJohn Edwards NamedAs the preferred candidate of the UK government for information commissioner