“That is a high cost to cover the guts to publish accurate info regarding government misconduct through the planet”.

A respectful petition
The UN specialist”respectfully” asked Mr. Assange’s launch after seeing him with two separate medical physicians in Belmarsh High Security Prison in London.

“Critically, Mr. Assange suffers from a registered respiratory condition which leaves him extremely vulnerable to this Covid-19 pandemic which has lately broken from the prison”.

If extradited to the US, the Wikileaks founder faces criminal prosecution as well as 175 years in prison to the 2010 book of secret records via his platform that reproduces leaked diplomatic, military, and other documents categorized as State secrets.

Creating a situation
The UN pro asked that Mr. Assange be pardoned, stating,”he’s not, and hasn’t beenan enemy of the American people”.

“Wikileaks struggles secrecy and corruption around the world and, thus, acts in the public interest of these American people and of humankind as a whole”, claimed Mr. Melzer.

He made the situation that Mr. Assange hadn’t ever murdered, stolen or printed false advice, nor triggered reputational injury through any private misconduct, pointing out that if one agrees or disagrees with their own books,”they certainly can’t be considered offenses”.

The Special Rapporteur maintained that Mr. Assange had acquired his information in”accurate records and resources in precisely the exact same manner as any other independent and serious investigative journalists run their own work”.

Do not shoot the messenger
The individual specialist explained his petition, stating that prosecuting Mr. Assange for publishing accurate info regarding acute official misconduct would amount to”shooting the messenger” instead of correcting the issue that he subjected.

“I ask since you’ve pledged, Mr. President, to pursue an agenda of fighting government corruption and misconduct; and since permitting the prosecution of Mr. Assange to keep will indicate that, beneath your heritage, telling the facts about such corruption and misconduct has come to be a crime”the letter continued.

‘Justice, humanity and truth’
The Special Rapporteur maintained a pardon could”rehabilitate a brave man who has suffered injustice, persecution and embarrassment for at least a decade, only for telling the truth” and provide a dad back into his two young sons while reassuring”all kids of earth, there is not anything wrong with telling the facts, but it is the ideal thing to do; so it’s honourable to struggle for justice and, honestly, these are the principles America and the entire world stand for”.

“In pardoning Mr. Assange,” Mr. President, you’d send a clear concept of justice, humanity and truth to the American public as well as the entire world”, stated the UN independent expert.

Special Rapporteurs are a part of what’s known as the Particular Processes of this Human Rights Council. The specialists work on a voluntary basis; they’re not UN employees and don’t get a salary. They are separate from any government or business and also serve in their personal capacity.