The FTC accused the faculty of conducting advertisements falsely asserting the school had connections with firms like AT&T, Yahoo! and Twitter.

Almost $50 million has been delivered to former University of Phoenix pupils after a settlement over accusations that the school participated in deceptive advertising, the Federal Trade Commission announced Wednesday.

The advertisements claimed that University of Phoenix may leverage its connections with those significant corporations to make job opportunities, forming curriculum so that pupils are best positioned for these tasks. However, the faculty had no such connections, the FTC said.

“Pupils making significant decisions in their schooling need the truth, not dream job opportunities which don’t exist”

One University of Phoenix advertisement showed a girl looking for a parking place in a complete lot.

“Like a great deal of things, looking for a better job could be frustrating. At University of Phoenix, we are working with an increasing list of nearly 2,000 corporate partners — companies like Microsoft, American Red Cross and also Adobe to make choices for you,” stated a voiceover.

Automobiles in a Variety of spaces elevator to show that the Organization’s logos, together with people of Avis, Twitter, MGM Resorts, AT&T and Microsoft.

“Not just that, we are using what we heard from such partners to form our program to ensure when you discover the job you would like, you’re going to be the ideal match,” the ad continued.

The FTC alleged the UOP and its parent company, Apollo Education Group, especially targeted prospective military and Hispanic students.

In an announcement to NBC News, a University of Phoenix spokesperson stated the FTC’s allegations worried”an effort that finished in 2014 that weren’t examined through litigation, nor constitute factual findings from the FTC or some other court.”

“This settlement arrangement has allowed us to keep our focus on the core mission of enhancing the lives of our pupils through career-relevant greater education, and also to prevent any additional diversion from serving pupils that might have led to prolonged litigation”

Besides the almost $50 million in direct payments to over 147,000 pupils, the $191 million settlement includes $141 million to offset unpaid balances owed directly to the faculty by qualified students.

For the $50 million, the FTC is mailing 146,804 checks and devoting 677 PayPal obligations to students who: registered at UOP involving Oct. 15, 2012 and Dec. 31, 2016; compensated over $5,000 with money, grants, private and federal student loans, or military advantages; didn’t receive debt cancellation as part of their settlement; and failed to opt from UOP supplying the pupil contact info about the FTC.