Indiana University and the University of Pennsylvania have recently made changes to their policies regarding campus events and demonstrations. This comes after a series of protests that took place on college campuses in response to the war in Gaza earlier this year.

At Indiana University in Bloomington, the Board of Trustees has started discussions about a new university-wide “expressive activity” policy. This policy is aimed at reviewing and gathering input on how demonstrations and events are conducted on campus. The IU Maurer School of Law, located at Indiana University, will be directly impacted by these potential changes.

Similarly, the University of Pennsylvania is also considering implementing temporary procedures for campus events and demonstrations. These changes are being made in response to the protests that have been taking place across college campuses nationwide.

It is important for universities to have clear policies in place when it comes to campus demonstrations. These policies help ensure that events are conducted in a safe and organized manner, while also protecting the rights of students to express their opinions and beliefs.

By reviewing and updating their policies, universities can create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of the campus community. It is crucial that these policies are regularly reviewed and updated to address the evolving needs and concerns of students and staff.

Overall, the changes being made by Indiana University and the University of Pennsylvania reflect a commitment to fostering a campus environment where free speech and expression are valued and protected. As universities continue to navigate the challenges of hosting campus events and demonstrations, it is important that they prioritize the safety and well-being of all individuals involved.