GMB composed to the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales a week following an MP raised worries about”bullying, harassment, whistle blowing and discrimination” among judges.

The correspondence also coated worries regarding Covid outbreaks in courtrooms and the way dangerous judges — especially women — supposedly feel in and beyond the court.

It says that as judges can join associations or clubs, they could join unions, given they don’t participate in party political action and do nothing to bring the judiciary into disrepute or harm their own real and perceived independence.

Stuart Fegan, GMB senior organiser, stated:”Judges undeniably execute a vital and significant part in society. However they’re employees — and more importantly — individuals also. They have exactly the very same rights as others to not be discriminated against, to not be jeopardized, never to feel fearful. When they don’t have a marriage to stand them up, who can?

“GMB is calling on the Lord Chief Justice to function with us and provide judges the funds that they want. – and also to affirm the best to join a union.

“Just the backing and resources of a marriage will make it possible for them to be suitably shielded, possess representation such as terms and conditions and problems on the job and make sure diversity and discrimination, bullying and other issues are solved with appropriate cultural and structural change.”