Gardaí are put to obtain new legislative powers to help handle the anti-social usage of scrambler bikes, quad bikes, and off-road machines in areas like public parks.

The laws will introduce three particular steps:

Utilization of a MVP will be illegal on private or public property, except in cases in which there is consent by the landowner. This proposed new offence will pay for areas like parks, green areas, waste ground, beaches along with many others, while the usage of vehicles on private lands (for example, farms) won’t be impacted.
Gardaí will be given powers to detain a car used in a place where consent from the landowner hasn’t yet been received.
Gardaí are also permitted, on foot of a warrant, to enter a personal assumptions and eliminate a vehicle suspected of being used against the new offence.
Mr Ryan said:”I’m determined to halt the abuse of quads, scramblers and comparable vehicles, making it an offence to use them in areas like waste earth, parks and other areas that were not insured by road traffic laws up to now.”

Minister of say Hildegarde Naughton stated:”It’s an offence to provide an MPV to some small, whether by selling, financing, gifting, or leasing. The offence carries a penalty of a fine up to $5,000 and/or around six months .

“I would recommend parents, relatives or friends that are thinking about devoting a scrambler to reconsider their selection of gift; regrettably, our experience so far has been one leading to severe long-term or fatal harm.”

“The team was tasked with presenting practical suggestions, which is considered by Government, within 4 months. The coming National Youth Justice Strategy will help further build our capability to take care of problems like this, in which they grow, around the nation.”