Accused police officials may insist on being contested by somebody”of a minumum of one rank superior”.
Legislation 15 Notice Interviews are the most exciting Part of a Line of Duty episode (despite this annoying tape-recorder beep that simplifies Each and Every interview)
Hastings is your plain-speaking, old-school aluminum with all the Easter Island nose along with the freezing death stare. The AC-12 Unit is tasked with exploring the corrupt activities of police officers.

A Regulation 15 Notice is served as soon as an officer is imagined gross or general misconduct. In general, there were Regulation 15 Notices served as the beginning of the TV drama.

But now, I wonder why Detective Inspector Steve Arnott remains used by AC-12?

Intense insubordination

First, there’s the little matter of critical insubordination. And stubborn. He is even thorough (occasionally ). However, his problem is that he clings on and does not let go, regardless of where the investigations could lead him…

A worker who disregards legal instruction might be guilty of serious insubordination. Even if Arnott felt he was operating with an UPO (Undercover Police Officer) inside the OCG, it isn’t the finished thing.

But worse was Arnott’s discount of Hasting’s”halfway” instruction. Avid viewers might remember Arnott meeting together with the major protagonist (who had been an UPO at the OGC). Arnott was awarded back up by AC-12 that had been hiding in an undercover van and talking to him through a cable. Hastings ordered Arnott to take at the UPO (from the OCG) and Arnott denied! Yeah, therefore Hasting’s schooling was arguably prohibited. Nevertheless surely Arnott’s severe insubordination must have caused AC-12 a few concerns, no matter Steve’s misguided pursuit of justice. Come on. Arnott went against the UPO of the OCG, placing his life (and others) in danger.

Serious incapability in the office caused by illegal medication

And recall when Arnott was exploring DCI Huntley’s husband. Arnott’s doggedness in refusing to eliminate the telephone into the husband supposed he could not pick up Hastings warnings which the husband might be harmful. On the road up from the elevator, this anti-corruption terrier was assaulted by”balaclava guy” and thrown down three flights of stairs.

Following Arnott’s collapse, he suffers from an long-term physical impact: back issues that have resulted in a dependence on painkillers and…. Ahem… problems performing from the bedroom.

But why was at work during this time period? If Arnott not have announced himself unfit to operate as a police officer in that time period?

When a worker works in a regulated profession, certainly that worker has a responsibility to disclose their fitness (or ) to execute their responsibilities? I guess that if Hastings found the real scope of Arnott’s addiction to pain killers, he’d be yelling greater than”Mother of God”.

The last dilemma of gross misconduct is that the simple fact that Arnott might have brought the organisation into disrepute. Recall when Arnott was caught canoodling with the nurse about the watch’ ward? If ever there was a reason to utilize the monkey-hiding-behind-its-eyes-emoji, it had been DI Denton (the defendant from AC-12’s investigations) generated the photographs of Arnott from the nurse’s bedroom throughout Denton’s Regulation 15 Interview.

OK. I listen to you. Arnott’s place was that he had been attempting to acquire Denton’s confidence through sexual anxieties.

For me, that revealed that a reckless lack of conclusion, inexcusable for somebody at Arnott’s position. Imagine if this was reported outwith the meeting area? Could Hastings have let him back to AC-12 when he understood Arnott behaved improperly?

Let us keep our fingers crossed that Hastings does not need to trouble Arnott with the other Regulation 15 Notice.

Otherwise Hastings will probably be very, very disappointed and may even indicate that Arnott himself ought to be sucking on petrol, fella.