The Supreme Court has been agreeing to critique a Trump government policy Which Makes asylum-seekers wait Mexico to get U.S. courtroom hearings

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court agreed on Monday to review a Trump government policy which produces asylum-seekers wait Mexico for U.S. courtroom hearings.

As is typical, the court didn’t comment in declaring it would hear the case. Since the court calendar is already complete through the end of the calendar year, the justices won’t hear the case before 2021. In case Joe Biden should happen to win the presidential election and rescind the coverage, the situation would turn out to be largely moot.

It turned into a crucial pillar of the government’s answer to an unprecedented explosion of asylum-seeking families in the boundary, bringing criticism for getting people wait in exceptionally dangerous Mexican towns.

Lower courts found that the coverage is most likely prohibited. But earlier this year that the Supreme Court stepped in to permit the coverage to stay in effect as a lawsuit challenging it ends in the courts.

The Justice Department estimated in late February there were 25,000 people still awaiting Mexico to get hearings at U.S. court. Those hearings were suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement following the high court agreed to take the case, Judy Rabinovitz, a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union, which is challenging the policy, also called the coverage”prohibited and depraved.”

“The courts have repeatedly ruled against it, along with the Supreme Court ought to also,” she explained.