Construction workers are among the most exposed to occupational hazards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration revealed that one in ten construction workers sustain work-related injuries yearly. Many times, these work-related accidents are not compensated for by construction companies because many construction workers do not know that they can get compensation for injuries.

A construction accident attorney helps you to tackle all legal issues that surround getting compensation for damages and injuries due to the negligence of your employer. These construction accident attorneys are specialized and experienced in work-related accidents and will help victims and their families to get enough benefits that will cover all the damages and consequences caused by the accident.

Any employee who is a victim of a construction accident should contact a construction attorney to help him do the following:

Negotiate With Insurance Companies

Hiring a lawyer who understands how insurance companies work as well as the actions of insurance adjusters will make it easier for you to not only get compensation but to get adequate compensation to cover all expenses.

Insurance adjusters try to make victims and families of victims accept the settlement the insurance company first offers. This first settlement is often way below what is required to cover expenses and damages. A lawyer negotiates with these insurance companies for your benefits and you can get full compensation for all your losses.

They Will Help You Get Compensation Quickly

Getting compensation may be delayed due to the recovery period spent in the hospital. Your family will be more occupied with your treatment and will have little time to deal with the legalities of your accident. A construction accident attorney makes sure that a claim is filed as soon as possible for medical bills and rehabilitation costs if needed for your treatment, emotional distress you are suffering due to the injury sustained and pain that may result in a decline in quality of life.

A severe injury may require millions of dollars for treatment and post-treatment care. If the injured worker is the breadwinner of the family, the responsible company must provide enough settlement to see that the family does not suffer financially. For this, you need the expertise and professionalism of a construction accident attorney.

They Can Initiate Third-Party Lawsuits

Some construction site accidents may be a bit complicated making it difficult to file a lawsuit against construction companies. For example, if construction companies have met all the safety procedures and an accident happens, this could be as a result of the negligence of a colleague or faulty equipment. In this case, your attorney files a lawsuit at the equipment manufacturer who is then required to pay compensation for the victim as well as payment for punitive damages.

If you or a loved one was involved in a construction accident in Massachusetts, contact Massachusetts construction accident attorneys as soon as possible for immediate assistance.