The statue will be put in the front of City Point, a residential and business area in Downtown Brooklyn, in accordance with a statement Tuesday in City Point.

The show will be on March 15, 2021, to honor Women’s History Month and also Ginsburg’s birthday, based City Point.

The statue’s artists, Gillie and Marc, installed 10 figurines of prominent women in New York City this past year, increasing the town’s representation of girls in public palaces from 3% to 10 percent, in accordance with City Point.

The artists said in a statement,”With the 2 measures on its own big foundation representing the Supreme Court along with the scale she chose to arrive, the job is intended to supply the public with a chance to stand at her side, and gain inspiration from her travel battling for equal rights.”

Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams tweeted Tuesday,”nobody could dispute the towering accomplishments of #RuthBaderGinsburg along with the significance of adding this judicial giant’s likeness into the landscape of our town.”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared in September which Ginsburg will be honored with a statue in Brooklyn.

“As a lawyer, jurist, and professor, she kissed sex fairness and civil rights and guaranteed America lived up to her founding beliefs — she had been a massive figure of equality, and we could all agree she deserves a monument in her honor,” Cuomo said.

The Brooklyn municipal construction will also be assessed for Ginsburg, Mayor Bill de Blasio declared last month. The effort to rename the construction following the”proud girl of Brooklyn” started a couple of decades back, according to Adams.