Write for us

LegalNewser.com is a small cryptocurrency and blockchain-focused publication. Because of limited resources, we focus on attracting entrepreneurial writers that are open to profit-sharing opportunities.

The website is generally inexpensive to operate, costing about $200 USD per month. Once this threshold is passed, all additional income is shared with the pool of writers.

Even though our operations model is different to our competitors, we still strive to publish content of the highest journalistic integrity. Sponsored content is always visible due to it’s specific design and taglines, and we stand by the tenets of transparency.

We are looking to build a team of writers, social media experts, search engine optimizers, and graphic designers that will turn LegalNewser.com into a profitable venture. Once the team is assembled and a plan is formed, we will move forward to begin regular operations.

If you are interested in being a core member of this website, reach out to rkaraca@gmail.com  with the words “Profit Share” in the subject line.