The Biden administration is taking steps to crack down on asylum requests at the U.S. Mexico border. This move comes as the administration aims to control the flow of undocumented immigrants claiming asylum. Reports suggest that President Biden may sign an executive order invoking Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act to introduce new admissions quotas and limit daily border crossings to 4,000 per week.

Under this possible executive order, asylum-seekers arriving at the border may face automatic removal if they exceed the set threshold. This stricter approach is seen as a response to criticism from Republicans who argue that more needs to be done to curb illegal immigration.

In a bid to strengthen immigration enforcement, Congress has approved additional funding for detention beds and removal operations. This includes funding for programs that monitor immigrants in the asylum system through phone apps and ankle bracelets, rather than detention.

While the White House has not confirmed the exact details of the executive order, it is anticipated to be announced as early as Tuesday. This move signifies a shift towards a more conservative stance on immigration policy.

For those seeking more information on immigration updates and the impact of the new executive order, a new Facebook group has been created to address changing developments related to COVID-19. Additionally, the Immigration and COVID-19 Resource Center provides updates on immigration policies during the pandemic.

Overall, the crackdown on asylum requests at the Southern border reflects the Biden administration’s efforts to address concerns about illegal immigration and tighten border control measures. The proposed executive order is expected to bring significant changes to the asylum process and border crossings, signaling a shift towards more stringent immigration policies in the United States.