Missouri landlord arrested for allegedly stabbing a tenant 30 times more than usual in front of his fiancee after the victim complained about heat not working in the house.

The Kansas City Star reported that Gordon T. McBeth (44) was taken into custody and charged with second degree murder and armed criminal activity in the death Darryl “Brent” Gilland.

According to the report, officers from the Kansas City Police Department responded to a 911 call regarding a stabbing at Gilland’s home in the 6200 block North Topping Avenue. First responders arrived at the scene to find McBeth held captive by a second person. Later, it was identified as a neighbor. Gilland was reported to have been lying in a pool blood, with multiple stab wounds to his chest and back. Gilland was declared dead by paramedics from the Emergency Medical Services.

According to court documents, McBeth arrived at McBeth’s home after Gilland and his fiancee had texted him about the heat not working. Investigators were later able to identify Gilland’s fiancee as Samantha Pohlman, who reportedly said that McBeth arrived at the home after Gilland and his fiancee texted him about the heat not working.

Pohlman said that Gilland had just texted him and asked, “Hey, can you please do something about the heating situation?” Pohlman stated to KCTV, a Kansas City CBS affiliate. “At first the guy was very nice about it. He said, “Yeah, I’ll come over and let’s do that,” but then he suddenly flipped and started acting like we were asking too much.

Investigators were reportedly told by witnesses that McBeth drove erratically and pulled into the driveway of the couple before becoming aggressive towards them. Pohlman claimed that McBeth began throwing things at her once he got out his car. McBeth pulled out a large hunting-style knife and pointed it at Gilland, threatening to kill him. Gilland tried to intervene but McBeth did not respond. He allegedly started stabbing Gilland multiple times just moments later. According to police, Pohlman told police that Pohlman ran screaming towards a neighbor’s house.

Police were told by several neighbors that Pohlman ran for help after they heard “horrific shouting”. Police did not identify one of the neighbors who grabbed his gun and ran to Gilland’s house. According to investigators, he claimed that he saw McBeth sitting on Gilland with a knife.

According to court documents, McBeth was ordered by a neighbor to fall on the ground. He then held McBeth at gunpoint until police arrived. Gilland was allegedly assisted by other neighbors, but he died before paramedics arrived.

According to the Kansas City Judicial Circuit Court probable cause statement, investigators concluded McBeth “viciously stabbed another man to death without apparent motive.”

Donna Groves Gilland’s mother told KCTV she is still trying to understand what happened with her son.

“Over nothing. “Over nothing. She said that she still couldn’t believe what was happening.

Pohlman, her neighbors and McBeth were also credited by her.

“The neighbors are heroes.” Sam is a hero,” she declared. That’s my baby. My son was gentle, loving, caring and would do anything to help anyone. This was not his right. He was not worthy of it.

Gilland’s family created a GoFundMe page to pay for his funeral costs. The GoFundMe message said that Gilland had been living at the house with his fiancee for one week.

Darryl Gilland’s death on Friday, October 22, 2021 had a devastating impact on many lives. Brent asked his landlord to turn on the heat in his newly rented home. He and his fiance had lived there less than a week. The landlord reacted to Brent’s arrival by pulling out a knife and threatening his fiance. Samantha ran immediately to the neighbor’s house for help, but Brent was dead from multiple stab wounds by the time they returned. His killer was held at gunpoint by his neighbors until police arrived.

As you can see, we are all devastated and shocked by the tragic loss.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the campaign had raised over $6,000 Gilland will be buried next to his grandparents in Indiana, with whom he had a close bond.

McBeth is currently held on $1million bond. McBeth reportedly entered a plea agreement of not guilty Monday morning. He will appear in court on Monday, Nov. 2, for a bond reduction hearing.

A Las Vegas landlord was arrested in August after police claimed that he had murdered two tenants to avoid lengthy eviction processes. Arnoldo Lozano Sanchez was arrested and charged with two counts each of murder as well as one count of attempted murder.