Of all the essential oils accessible, patchouli has quite possibly the most remarkable fragrance. It has a strong and musky scent and profound and gritty undertones. Local to India and Malaysia, dried patchouli leaves were usually utilized as packing materials to shield Chinese silk and Indian cashmere from moths during travel. As these shawls and scarves reached Victorian England, patchouli acquired a standing for being a lavish aroma simply accessible to high society. In Southeast Asia, it was generally utilized as a way of killing bugs and repelling mosquitoes.


Despite the fact that it is known to originate in Southeast Asia, the earliest archived records of its reality come from old Egypt. Also, 10 gallons of patchouli oil were discovered covered in King Tut’s burial tomb in old Egypt.

Patchouli likewise has a long and lively history in China, where it showed up during 420–589 CE. It was regularly utilized for therapeutic purposes, like regulating essential bodily energies or for treating the common cold. During the eighteenth century, its insecticidal properties were acknowledged by Chinese silk shippers, who took to folding their silks over the dried leaves of the Patchouli plant. This permitted their freight to show up in the Middle East intact and liberated from pests.

The prevalence of this oil developed during the nineteenth century, as its aroma was associated with luxury and status in Europe. As Chinese silk must be managed by the richest citizenry, its smell turned into an indication of social standing. As the British Empire extended and worldwide trade spread, it was traded all throughout the planet. As a result, it became quite possibly the most famous therapeutic botanicals available.


A wide range of terpenes makes up patchouli oil. Some of them are noted as responsible for their quality, consistency, healing purposes, and fragrance. For instance, A-Bulnesene is a natural substance created by patchouli and functions as an anti-platelet accumulation agent and antiviral. On the other hand, A-Guinane lessens irritation of the joints and muscles to give alleviation from a throbbing painfulness.

Aciphyllene is an antibacterial agent that adds to the scent of patchouli. And B-Patchoulene has disinfectant and mitigating properties that wipe out fungal infections while lessening irritation in the body.

A-Patchoulene goes about as soothing, antiseptic and calming. It can incite and further develop rest, dispense with parasitic contaminations, and diminish irritation. In contrast, patchouli liquor is the compound that gives most of patchouli Essential oil’s mending properties. These act as antiviral, antibacterial, calming, mitigating, cancer prevention agents, disinfectants, and antifungals.


The medical advantages of Patchouli Essential oil are immense, with helpful characteristics focusing on different infirmities and conditions. It has sexual enhancer, energizer, disinfectant, astringent, antiphlogistic, cytophylactic, cicatrizant, diuretic, aerating, fungicidal, febrifuge, insecticidal, and narcotic properties.

Its capacity to function as a bug repellent has been known for quite a long time. Be that as it may, the worth of this therapeutic plant is quickly growing. As additional investigations are performed on its activities, more medical advantages are being found each year. Consequently, it is quite possibly the most celebrated and used Essential oil around.


While it gives exceptional medical advantages, this ought not to keep you from the way that it likewise has possibly irritating effects whenever utilized mistakenly. Because of the concentrated idea of this Essential oil, weaken the oil in a carrier oil or cream and be cautious when using it topically on the skin. Patchouli Essential oil ought to never be ingested as it can demonstrate peril when taken inside. If done so, never induce vomiting to eliminate the oil from the body, as this could permit the oil to enter the lungs. Moreover, it is also ideal for keeping away from its utilization if pregnant or breastfeeding.


The rich, golden shade of patchouli oil, joined with its aroma and mending properties, procured it the name “liquid gold.” So, if you too want to try this luxury, get it from Young Living. The organization ensures pure-grade and quality oils at a reasonable cost.