A graduate of University College Cork using a PhD in Trinity College Dublin, Professor Daly combined DCU as a lecturer at 2006 and has been promoted to associate professor in 2013.

She’s an expert on criminal evidence and procedure, using a particular research focus on successful criminal defence as well as the legal law of criminal investigations.

Professor Daly told Irish Legal News:”I have always enjoyed working in DCU, since I began here in 2006, and also have been encouraged during my career so far by exceptional colleagues, mentors, and friends in the college, and outside.”

She added:”DCU values study with social influence, and I goal, during my study on successful criminal defence and the legal law of criminal investigations, to guarantee fairness in the criminal procedure and the security of patient rights, especially in regard to suspects under criminal investigation.

“As former and current pupils will understand, I’m rather interested in legal pedagogy too, and have experimented with various procedures of assessment and teaching, including using voir dires to appraise the regulation of evidence.

“In my role as professor, I expect to keep on working with my colleagues at law in DCU to improve the college experience of our pupils, and to run societally important legal investigation “