The mum of that a DC Police officer who had been brutally attacked whilst defending the US Capitol through the January 6 insurrection stated Monday she and her relatives are evidenced by former President Donald Trump’s claim that his assistants were “hugging and kissing” officers throughout the riot and the mob posed”zero danger.”

Terry Fanone, the mum of officer Michael Fanone, that had been stun-gunned many times, defeated with a flagpole and heard people yelling,”Kill him using his own gun,” told CNN’s Don Lemon on”CNN Tonight” when she thinks about Trump’s current remarks,”What goes through my head is actually outrage.”
“For us, for our loved ones, also for each and every police officer I understand that Michael’s connected with always, it is outrageous. It is so dehumanizing. It is so devaluing,” she explained. In addition, he claimed that a number of the rioters”went , and they’re hugging and kissing the authorities and the guards”
“That does not even start to tell the story,” his mom informed Lemon, speaking to her kid’s picture description of what he endured the day of the riot. “It does not even start to tell the story of exactly what our family went through and what he went through this day”

Prosecutors stated Sibick was spotted on authorities body-camera footage attacking Fanone while he put on the floor beyond the Capitol through the riot.
However, Terry Fanone advised Lemon that anything outcome Sibick or others confront”does not start to fix the harm that’s been done to not just Michael, but these other men and women who were — they were also those which were persecuted.”