A London Metropolitan police officer that participate in the quest for Sarah Everard was eliminated from responsibilities for sharing”an unsuitable picture,” the drive has stated.

“On Friday, 12 March, the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards was made from aware of an improper graphic that has been shared via societal websites with a probationary MPS (Metropolitan Police Service) police constable with a few coworkers,” said a statement by the Met Police on Monday.
Everard, 33, vanished on a walk home on March 3, and also yet another London Metropolitan Police officer was charged with her kidnap and murder.
The police announcement said the sharing of this picture was reported by officials that were”worried by its material.”
“The officer was eliminated from these types of responsibilities and set in a non-public confronting role while enquiries continue,” the announcement added.

The drive said that the picture shared on social networking”does not include photographic images, no pictures of Sarah, nor some other substance obtained from or associated with the investigation to Sarah’s murder”
It included that Everard’s family was informed of this incident.
Everard vanished while walking in Clapham, south London, prompting an extensive police hunt in the region. Human remains were afterwards discovered in woodland in Kent, south of London.

Everard’s departure has reignited a national debate in Britain on women’s security and sexual assault.
However, the Metropolitan Police’s heavy-handed strategy left many reeling. The drive has faced widespread criticism later authorities were viewed storming the stage in the vigil, trapping girls to the ground and handcuffing thembefore dragging them into police vans.